License & features

Basic license package:

  • Visual navigation layer for your webshop:
    Navigate to any part using exploded views or other types of drawings
  • 15.000 hotspots:
    Clickable areas, like position numbers in drawings
  • 3-column parts list:
    Position number, description and article number
  • 1 language


  • Admin-functionality
  • Client software for parts catalogs conversion
  • OEM to own product code conversion

Add features

Add volume and functionality to your package, or get the help you need to get up and running.

1. Choose your number of hotspots

  • 15.000
  • 30.000
  • 60.000
  • 120.000
  • 240.000
  • 480.000
  • 960.000
  • more...

2. Add extra information to your parts list

Add columns to your parts list with extra information like quantity, material, size, colour...

3. Add website domains to use the visual navigation layer on different webshops

  • Use your spare parts navigation on different sites (e.g. for resellers), with the same content but each with it’s own look & feel
  • Convert your product codes to distributor‘s product codes

4. Add additional languages

Add languages for multilingual websites

5. Link spare parts to extra information

Link spare parts to assembly instructions, 3D-print files or any other destination

6. Adjust the look & feel of the layer to your webshop design

Use themes and colors to optimize your customers’ brand experience

7. Create your own spare parts catalogs

Add your own design (in html/css) and export any published catalog to your own PDF-version

8. Get online support

No time for training videos and FAQ’s? Get extra help in setting up and using Spareparts.One.

9. Workflow management

Combine & publish assemblies from different people and/or working at different locations

10. Outsource your catalogs conversion process

No matter the number of catalogs, if you don’t have the internal capacity or would like to save time, our production facility can help. At a rate of up to 10.000.000 spare parts a month, your complete volume of parts catalogs will be online in a short time.

Would you like some advice or a quotation?
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